About Us
RockBottom is a Rock&Roll band that plays live music to fit your occasion
2019 is running smooth as we are focusing on original material this year.
2018 finished with a bang at the Eagles Club#1269. New tunes and some uplifting vocals by the band have added to our repertoire for more groove in 2019.
2018 brings in some new skills and some new instrumentation. Both acoustic and electronic additions are shaping our new sound as well as reinforcing our bottom.
2017 has been a good solid year of playing and updating our songlist. Multiple lead vocals are introduced improving our overall sound and mix of tunes.
2016 We are rockin in the new year in Miami Florida and the sky is now the limit. RockOn brothers!!!

2015 We finished up our newest demo, thanks to Dave J's skills in the recording, mixing and mastering department. He is the finest their is.
Dave J has been playing with us on trombone off and on during this period of time. Dave became a permanent member of the band in the 20teens. We thank Warren for his contributions as we both move on with a new bass player J.T., who joined us in 2014.

....November 18th, 2007. Warren has done the magic and we are back to future. Recording in the deep caverns of Grosse Pointe, lu-eye, lu-eye was resurrected from the deep past. I bet you can't find the vinyl pressing of this tune easily. 
....September 21st and 22nd, 2007, RockBottom rocked
IZZY's in Roseville... The ..BOXDRUM.. was a success in the unplugged sets.
Many people asked, what is that thing. EF went into hyperdrive on Saturday and
you knew Warren was wailin away when he put on his shades. It was hot in the
joint on Saturday night.....
......Yes We played at the Cadieux Café on September 8th, 2007... The gig was great and the crowd was appreciative. We had E.F.’s son take some video which needs much work, but for the first time we thank him for helping out.
There are other factoids in between but we prefer to fast forward to 2007. EF, Jake and Warren are playin and wailin!!..
From 1999 to 2006 we played with various incarnations most notably the sweet voice of Monica and her husband Bob Petrykowski, may they rest in peace. Bob Okony also played with us during this period. Shout out to Bob Okony. 
 ..January 1998..
Rock Bottom records the last of their famous "Hamtramck Basement" tapes
and say "so long" to Curt as he moves to Plano, Texas.
Thus, the RockBottom story came to an end,
or did it?
It would have appeared so,
Friday, August 7, 1998 The Alliance JamFest, Columbus, Ohio
January 1997
- RockBottom smiled for the camera during the Official Rock Bottom Detroit Metro Photo Shoot,
conducted by Robert Jr. Whitall of Detroit Blues magazine.
- The RockBottom web pages were developed and made available for public consumption.
Saturday, June 14, 1997 Mr. Lou's Blue Rose, Grosse Pointe
Saturday, August 2, 1997, Peppi's Sports Café,Waterford
*** Peppi's in the Rock Bottom Press ***
Friday and Saturday, September 5 & 6, 1997
Peppi's Food and Spirits,Waterford
Saturday, September 20, 1997,The Grosse Pointe Yacht Club, Grosse Pointe
Friday and Saturday, September 26 & 27, 1997,Corradi's Sports Bar and Pizzeria Troy
March 1996..
E.F., Jake and Curtis come together to form a rock and roll band. Practice space set up in Big Joe's Hamtramck basement. One set of solid music was developed.
April - May 1996
At this time, the band had not been named. Regardless, we tried the band's sound out in various public arenas, listed below. Some people (not us) wanted the band to
be called "Corporate Assets" and that name was used in some advertisements. Also, within this time, we developed another solid set of music and made some crude
basement recordings.
- The Hamtramck Pub (where a crude videotape was made)
- A little irish pub in Rochester (where E.F. had to play a nylon-string guitar, Curtis had to fight for use of a bass and Jake beat the back of an acoustic guitar as a drum)-The New Way Bar in Ferndale (where we opened for "NationalDisaster)